Falter Museum hosts 750 visitors since May opening

(Image provided by The Nebraska State Historical Society, for the John Philip Falter Museum Facebook Page)

By Dobey Falter Haws    
    Since opening the first of May last year, the John Philip Falter Museum has had nearly 750 visitors from all over the country! Several meetings by area business and social groups, including some alumni from both FCHS and FCSH, were held here during the past nine months.
    We are looking forward to more such events in 2016, so if you are interested in holding an event or activity or want to make a visit, please contact  me at 402-450-3724 or via email: curator@johnphilipfaltermuseum.com
    This winter the museum is open by appointment only, but you can find updated information on our exhibits and museum news by visiting our website — johnphilipfaltermuseum.com — and/or by following us on Facebook at John Philip Falter Museum.
    The museum exists only because of our wonderful group of donors and fans, including our great friend and supporter, The Falls City Journal. THANK YOU TO ALL!
PATRONS  ($5,000 and Up)
Vandeberg Family Foundation
Stalder Foundation
Mitch Glaeser
Butch and Dobey Haws
F&M Bank
ASSOCIATES  ($1,000-$2,499)
Falter Art Review
Sportin’ Falls City (Rachel Witt)
SPONSORS  ($500-$999)
Jim Nedrow
Jim and Jo Wochner
Terry Sullivan
Steve and Linda Yoder
Marlan and Marea Downey
FRIENDS  ($101-$499)
John and Barb Parrish
Jeannine Falter and David Keck
Mike and Lorna Simon
Ron and Nancy Kelley
Steve Kottich Family,
  in Memory of Diana
Doris and Karl Erickson
Marty and Gail Froeschl
Joe and Darlene Armstrong
Merle and Trula Bachman
SMS Tech Solutions (Sally Shorb)
Rodger and Diann Merz
Julie Falter Morehouse Family
Merle and Sara Veigel
Reece and Barb Peterson
Norman and Sharon Horn
Scott and Sandra Volker

MEMBERS (Up to and Including $100)
Gary and Glenda Nelson
Eowana Peters Jordan
Connie and Marshall Nelson
In Memory of Richard and Vivian Hall
Diane Bertlett
Ruth Mullins in Memory of Jiggs
Joe and Jeannine Lincoln
Virginia Babcock
Linda Swisegood at The Flower Cart
John Kreissler and Barb McClaskey
John and Carol Thomas
Linda Fisher-Perue
Kathy Kelley
Linda Balsamo
Mrs. Shirley Malone
Garry and Linda Watzke
Norman and Alma Rohlfing
Larry and Anne Watzke
Beckie and Nick Cromer
John and Kathy Martin
Bob and Chris Berkley
Judy Hall
El Camino Electric
LaVonne Andersen
Scott and Joan Magdanz
Dr. Chick and Carole James
Cathy Falter and Steve Dunn
Scott Spaulding
Ron and Mary Ann May-Pumphrey
Jim and Janet Rogers
Sarah Nussbaum Bradley
Jannie McNeely
Mildred Appleoff
Mike and Elaine Collet
Cody, Sarah and Brayden Pope

Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney  (Associate)
Suzanne Falter, Jay Wiley, Sarah Johansen, Lisa Waitneight  (Patron)
Del and Shirley Bowers  (Associate)
Donna Houghton  (Friend)
Virginia Babcock  (Friend)
Barry and Diane Kennedy  (Member)
Jean Sailors  (Member)
Rod and Robin Bates  (Associate)

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