Council approves $11 million upgrade

The Falls City Council voted unanimously last week add an additional $11 million electrical generator at the Power Plant. 

A consulting firm earlier this month recommended the City add the generator, as did the Falls City Board of Public Works. Currently, two generators power utility customers when the power from outside sources is interrupted. The two generators are not able to supply enough power at peak operating times to meet demand.

City Administrator Gary Jorn said and engineer would soon conduct a study in order to install the generator.

In other Council news: 

— Ken Simpson was appointed Fire Chief, Jon McQueen as 1st Assistant Fire Chief and Jim Liming, 2nd Assistant. 

— The Council approved the hiring of a fourth full-time laborer for the Street Dept., which has worked with three full-time employees for the past five years or so and has repeatedly “borrowed” personnel from other areas. Jorn said the position was built into the budget for the current fiscal year. 

— The Council will meet in regular session at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 1, at Chambers at 2307 Barada St. and Mayor-elect Jerry Oliver, Third Ward Councilman John Vaughn and First Ward Councilman Don Ferguson will officially begin their respective terms by taking the Oath of Office. There remains a vacancy on the Council from the Fourth Ward. 

The Council is also expected to reappoint City Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator Gary Jorn, Police Chief Duane Armbruster and City Attorney Mike Dunn. The hiring of police officer Jonathan Kirkendall, as recommended by Mayor Oliver, will also be formally announced.

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