Irish land six on D2-2 District First Team

Exeter-Milligan, which defeated FC Sacred Heart 28-22 in the Class D2 State semifinals last week in Milligan, captured a 40-26 victory over Anselmo-Merna Monday at Lincoln’s Memorial Stadium to win its second 8-man football title in as many years. The Timberwolves were D1 champs in 2013 (and runner-up in ‘12). in the Class D-2 eight-man state football championship Monday at Memorial Stadium.

The Timberwolves, for the third game in a row, had to battle from behind. They scored three times in a span of six minutes in the final quarter. A Sam Zeleny-to-Derek Luzum TD pass with 8:52 remaining gave E-M a 22-18 lead with 8:52 left in the game. 

E-M senior Kyle Jensen, who ran for 187 yards and three touchdowns, scored on a 49-yard TD with 5:33 remaining to make it 28-18. 

The Timberwolves have won 26 consecutive games. They defeated the 9-3 Irish twice this year and in each game FCSH owned two-score advantages in the first half. 

Previously unbeaten Anselmo-Merna (12-1) took an 18-14 lead early in the second half when Troy Gilligan hit Shawn Christen on a 30-yard TD pass.

Class D2-2 All-District Football

First Team Offense

Skill PositionAustin MaloneSeniorFC Sacred Heart

Skill PositionSawyer KeanSeniorFC Sacred Heart

Skill PositionTrevor PolivkaSeniorParkview Christian

Skill PositionIsaac BrandingJuniorParkview Christian

Skill PositionBrody ClarkSeniorJohnson-Brock

Skill PositionDevon ClarkSophJohnson-Brock

Skill PositionTrey StutheitSophJohnson-Brock

Skill PositionRhet DirksSeniorSterling

Skill PositionJosh MasurJuniorSterling

LinemanReggie JohansenSeniorFC Sacred Heart

LinemanAustin GriggsJuniorJohnson-Brock



First Team Defense

LinemanLogan ScheitelSeniorFC Sacred Heart

LinemanJordan CaseJuniorParkview Christian

DB/LinebackerZavan KirkendallSeniorFC Sacred Heart

DB/LinebackerHenry ArnoldJuniorFC Sacred Heart

DB/LinebackerIsaac BrandingJuniorParkview Christian

DB/LinebackerTrevor PolivkaSeniorParkview Christian

DB/LinebackerTyler KeyesSeniorLewiston

PunterDalton AndersonJuniorLewiston

PunterRhet DirksSeniorSterling



Second Team Offense

Skill PositionLogan ScheitelSeniorFC Sacred Heart

Skill PositionBailey WittJuniorFC Sacred Heart

Skill PositionHenry TanksleySophParkview Christian

Skill PositionJaxson BalmSophJohnson-Brock

Skill PositionDylan BensonSophSterling

LinemanBen MullinsSeniorFC Sacred Heart

LinemanBryant JornSophFC Sacred Heart

LinemanMarcus ReevesSeniorParkview Christian

LinemanJordan CaseJuniorParkview Christian



Second Team Defense

LinemanNick SotnikovSeniorParkview Christian

LinemanBen ForeeJuniorParkview Christian

LinemanBen BohlingFrJohnson-Brock

LinemanSkler SaltsSophLewiston

DB/LinebackerAustin MaloneSeniorFC Sacred Heart

DB/LinebackerSawyer KeanSeniorFC Sacred Heart

DB/LinebackerWilliam SpeckmannJuniorJohnson-Brock

DB/LinebackerWyatt NickelsSophJohnson-Brock

DB/LinebackerThomas TuckerJuniorSterling

DB/LinebackerJordan WenzlJuniorSterling



Honorable Mention Offense

Skill PositionHenry ArnoldJuniorFC Sacred Heart

LinemanBen ForeeJuniorParkview Christian

Skill PositionNosawema IyagbayeSophParkview Christian



Honorable Mention Defense

LinemanRichard KendleSeniorLewiston

DB/LinebackerAustin AhernSophFC Sacred Heart

DB/LinebackerJosh BrandingFrParkview Christian

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