Identical prison terms for violent offender, shoplifter

     Two young Richardson County adults — a 23-year-old Stella man with a record of violence and a 26-year-old Falls City woman with sticky fingers — were both sent to the Nebraska Dept. of Corrections for a period of 20-60 months.
    Corrina Phroper on Sept. 1 was re-sentenced by Judge Daniel E. Bryan Jr. for violating her probation after being found guilty of shoplifting clothing from Shopko Hometown in Falls City. It was her third shoplifting conviction, according to Court documents. Phroper is eligible for parole after 10 months, with credit for 64 days served.
    Judge Bryan also sent Ethan Bentley to prison after he broke probation by causing more than $20,000 damage to the Grace Bible Fellowship Church east of Stella and then threatening officers as they tried to apprehend him last January.
    Police learned of the break-in from a witness who alleged Bentley said he “was looking to kill” a law enforcement officer. Sheriff Don Pounds and Deputy Clinton Stonebarger responded to the call and discovered Bentley, covered in blood from cuts he received from jumping through stained glass, leaving the church property on foot.  When officers ordered him to the ground, Bentley lunged at Stonebarger, who used a taser to apprehend the suspect.
    This, just a little more than one month after Bentley was sentenced to probation for a July 2014 incident at Burbank Apartments in which he threw a brick through a window, entered a residence, caused extensive damage and threatened the occupants.
    Still, he could be released long before Phroper, as the two received identical penalties and Bentley gets credit for 184 days previously served.

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