Motorcyclist avoids serious injury after Thursday wreck

A 21-year-old Falls City man escaped without serious injuries Thursday afternoon in Falls City, after a vehicle turned in front of the motorcycle he was operating.

According to the accident report filed by the Falls City Police Department, Jeremiah Lippold was southbound in the 2000 block of Harlan Street when a Dodge Stratus, operated by Carol J. Gentry of Falls City, turned in front of Lippold and caused him to collide into the side of Gentry’s vehicle.

The report stated Lippold was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered visible but not disabling injuries.

Rural Falls City resident Richard Duerfeldt was following Gentry and stated he watched her turn in front of Lippold, causing him to wreck his motorcycle. A second witness confirmed Duerfeldt’s statement.

Mrs. Gentry, who was not injured in the collision, told authorities she did not see Lippold’s motorcycle until she was in the middle of her left-hand turn. She was cited for failure to yield the right-of-way.





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