County Assessor’s Office warns property owners of change in property value

The Richardson County Assessor’s Office would like to take this opportunity to let property owners in Richardson County know they may see a significant change in the value of their property. There are a total of 10,104 properties in the County, and 8,734 properties will change in value. This is due to unprecedented strong residential and Agricultural sales within the last few years in the County. Richardson County has contracted with Lake Mac Assessment, LLC, to help re-appraise all the lot values throughout the County. Some other changes will also be to Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Rural Home Sites, and Agriculture Land.

According to the state statute, residential properties and commercial properties are to be assessed at 92-100 percent of market value and agriculture land is to be assessed at 69-75 percent of market value. The level of value is based on historical sales that have occurred in the County. For Agricultural and Commercial properties, the past three years of sales are used and for residential properties, the past two years of sales are used. Nebraska Department of Revenue- Property Assessment Division has put together an information guide on Real property Assessment found here  – 

If you have any questions on your assessment, please contact the Richardson County Assessor at 402-245-4012, or stop by the Richardson County Assessor’s Office at 1700 Stone Street, Room 102, Falls City, NE. 

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