Falls City’s Michelle Keithley releases statement on Charles Herbster


Charles W. Herbster’s Executive Assistant comes forward to tell her side of the story about the Elephant Remembers dinner in 2019. The campaign is also presenting the precarious timeline of these “accusations.”

“I wanted to wait until after the rally to put out my statement and thoughts on what is happening to my beloved friend and boss, here is my recount of that night and my experiences with Charles W. Herbster:

“I have been Charles W. Herbster’s Executive Assistant for more than five years. As his assistant I am with him at most political and social events and rarely leave his side. If I am not with him, someone else is always there in my place. I have never seen Charles do anything but treat women with the utmost respect. He works with and promotes women in both the business world and in politics. It is unimaginable to me that anyone would accuse Charles of any inappropriate behavior. That is not Charles and if it were I would not work for him.”

“As Charles’s Executive Assistant, I too attended the 2019 Elephant Remembers Dinner. There was rarely an occasion that evening when I wasn’t with Charles. At that event our table was in the very front center in full view of the more than 500 attendees and anyone on the stage. Charles was never alone during the evening. It would have been impossible for Charles to have done what he has been accused of without it creating a noticeable stir and public scene. I certainly would have been aware that something had happened.”

“Furthermore, I was in attendance at the September 20, 2019 meetings with Senator Julie Slama and others that took place at Charles’s downtown Omaha condo. Also attending meetings that day as part of the Herbster team were former Governor Dave Heineman and Carlos Castillo. On that day, Senator Slama came to the condo for her pre-planned meeting with Charles unaccompanied.”

“The accusations made against Charles are so far out of character that the credibility must be questioned. While I have only been with Charles for five years, I work with people who have known Charles for several decades. Nobody has ever raised any concerns about Charles’s behavior around women. I would know.”

-Michelle Keithley

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