The Mask

The Mask

Composed by Roger Fisher

Several months ago health officials asked us to wear a mask

Some gladly accepted then there were those balked at the task. 

The reason for the mask was to stop the 

spread of the COVID virus

Some argued it will make no difference what’s the big fuss.

It didn’t take long for officials to prove their point.

The virus was spread by unmasked people in a joint.

Now the count of the infected really started to climb

Health officials said wear a mask to halt the 

spread will take some time.

Authorities came up with social distancing that’s not a crime

This would prove to help control the virus, but not one time.

Masks were going to be needed the Governor said

Wear them while shopping but not in bed.

If more than two were in a car, masks were required

No more than ten could gather no matter what you desired.

With all these precautions, 

the virus still couldn’t be stopped on time

Now here comes the order to wear a mask when out or be fined.

Plexiglas-glass partitions between shoppers 

and cashiers all wearing a mask

Guards at some stores making sure those

 who entered were attired with a mask.

Now these masks are an aggravation they 

make your glasses fog over

Still there were those who defied the order 

maybe they are not sober.

This mask has certainly made a change in our lifestyle

Many of those who have health problems 

haven’t been out for awhile.

Some buy their groceries on-line then pick them up at the curb

Masks come in all colors and shapes and 

some have teeth I have heard.

People will be people and some grumble about everything

But why take a mask to the task when 

good health it could bring.

The other day I was having a tire fixed; it was a hot afternoon

I noticed the other men in the shop were 

all wearing masks in that big room.

I couldn’t help but wonder 

I’m proud of them for doing their part.

They are helping control COVID and 

work is a good place to start

Just give this some thought as you grumble about the mask

It might be mask it or casket 

so hop to the task of wearing a mask.

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