Falls City playground equipment, basketball courts and shelter houses closed to the public

Effective immediately, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendation to implement social distancing, the use of all City of Falls City-owned playground equipment, basketball courts, and shelter houses are prohibited. The previously named items either cannot be readily disinfected or do not support social distancing, which may put the public at risk for spreading the COVID-19 virus.
Stanton’s Lake, the walking trail that extends around the Lake, frisbee golf, dog park, tennis courts, and the skateboard park remain open, as well as the parks themselves while practicing social distancing.
For general information, please contact City Hall at 402-245-2851.
Additionally, all Falls City Public and Sacred Heart School playgrounds, outdoor seating areas, and grounds are closed 24 hours per day/seven days a week.
Until further notice, unauthorized entry or use is considered trespassing.
The schools have not cleaned any outside surfaces or equipment and make no representations as to the cleanliness or safety of any surface or equipment.
Any person who violates this directive does so at their own risk and is subject to trespass.
Please contact the Falls City Public Schools at (402) 245-2825 or Sacred Heart School at (402) 245-4151 with questions or for any additional information regarding this notice.


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