Richardson County all-mail voting precincts

The Richardson County Clerk’s Office has received formal approval from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office for the Salem, East Muddy (Shubert) and Grant/Nemaha (Dawson) Voting Precinct to be All-Mail Election Precincts along with the Arago/Barada Voting Precinct for the 2020 Elections and all elections following.  

The Richardson County Clerk’s Office will be sending by U.S. Mail, non-forwardable, to all registered voters in the Salem, East Muddy, Grant/Nemaha and Arago/Barada precincts the Official Ballot for the May 12, 2020 Primary Election.  Included within the mailing of the ballot will be an envelope for the return of the ballot, stamped and self-addressed with instructions for mailing and/or returning to the County Clerk’s Office at the Courthouse before the close of the polls at 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, May 12, 2020.  When the return envelope with the ballot is received at the County Clerk’s Office the envelope is checked for the proper signature, information verified against the voter registration record and then will be held for safekeeping until verified once again and then counted by the County Counting and Canvassing Board on Election Day.  

Other counties across the State of Nebraska have designated All-Mail Voting precincts and have determined that voter turnout is significantly higher and the cost of the election per voter is lowered.   

In 2016, the Arago/Barada precinct became an All-Mail voting precinct and the voter turnout has increased as follows: 2014 Primary–31.52 percent; 2014 General–42.45 percent; Began All-Mail at 2016 Primary–55.12 percent (highest percent in County); 2016 General–82.63 percent (highest percent in County); 2018 Primary–41.39 percent (highest percent in County); 2018 General–71.84 percent (highest percent in County).  

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