Right or Wrong, It’s my Opinion – A KC Super Bowl Jinx

Having not watched an entire Chiefs game all season, what a better time to begin than the Super Bowl, right?  Would I be good luck or possibly a jinx?  Do you believe in superstitions?  

Well, to begin with, I am an extremely superstitious person, especially when it comes to sports.  In high school, I wore the same t-shirt under my football pads for three seasons.  In track, I wore the same pair of racing shoes in meets for all four years.  During the Royals World Series win in 2015, Nikki, and I “made/begged” Chelsie Alexander watch all the games at our house for good luck.  

What does all this mean?  Well, on Sunday night, while watching the game at my sister-in-law’s house, we decided to leave at the end of the third quarter.  They are Chiefs fans, and we don’t follow the NFL, so we told them we were bad luck and going home.  We continued to watch the game on our phones on the way home from Auburn as the Chiefs rallied from a 20-10 deficit to produce the city’s first Super Bowl win in 50 years.  Kansas City scored the final 21 points of the game to pull off the improbable win.  

Congrats to all the Kansas City fans.  I feel like at least part of the reason the Chiefs won was the fact that we left Heath and Cori’s just in time.  Superstition told us we weren’t meant to be watching the game with them, so we left.  After the game was over, we received a text message from my brother in law thanking us for leaving.  Of course, I say all of this tongue in cheek, but at the same time superstitions play a large part in sporting events all the time.  It doesn’t matter what the sport, athletes all have a routine they follow.  Some chew the same kind of gum, and some don’t wash their socks during a streak.  The point is, no matter how big or small we all have little things we do that we feel somehow affects the outcome of something.  In reality, it doesn’t play a role at all, or does it?  

I am so happy for the Chiefs Kingdom and the city of Kansas City.  Fifty years is way too long to go in between Super Bowl berths.  Maybe this is a start of a dynasty for the Chiefs. With Patrick Mahomes behind Center, anything is possible for the Chiefs.  Mahomes didn’t have a great night, but he came up big when it mattered most.   A World Series appearance in 2014, a World Series title in 2015, and a Super Bowl in 2020.  What an exciting last five or six seasons for Kansas City sports fans.  

Also, congrats to Coach Andy Reid.  Reid ranks sixth all-time with 222 wins, having been a head coach in the NFL since 1999.  He took the Eagles to the Super Bowl in 2005 and has led the Chiefs since 2013. 

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