Feighner sentenced in Sept. 2018 explosion of Spirit Shoppe

On Tuesday, April 30,  April Feighner was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay $6,391.07 and Court costs of more than $800 when she appeared in Richardson County District Court in connection with the September 2018 explosion of the Spirit Shoppe in Falls City and other drug-related charges. 

Feighner was sentenced to one year in prison on a misdemeanor charge of attempted third-degree arson. She also was sentenced to one year in prison on a misdemeanor charge of use of an explosive device without a permit, and in a separate case, she was sentenced to 13 months in prison on a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine. The sentenced will run consecutively. She was allowed credit for 133 days served. 

No injuries were reported in the 2018 blast that occurred before the store opened. The damage broke a window, damaged an ice machine and some merchandise inside the business. 

According to interviews with Sheriff’s Deputy Kirkendall, Feighner indicated a motive for this act believed that it was some revenge against the Chief of Police (Officer Duane Armbruster) for harassing people. Feighner was arrested in connection with the explosion as well as for possession of a controlled substance, in the middle of October 2018.

In February of this year, she entered a plea of no contest to reduced charges as part of a plea deal. She had initially been charged with felony counts of use of an explosive to commit a felony and second-degree arson. 

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