City council approves Sun Mart liquor license, grants funds to fix wall destroyed in fire

By Charlie Radatz

Sun Mart Foods in Falls City may soon be selling packaged beer, wine, and possibly other distilled spirits for consumption off their premises. During its June 4 meeting, the city council on a 6-1 vote with one council member absent gave its approval for issuance of a Class 1B Liquor License to the food store. The decision came following a public hearing during which no public comment was received. Such licenses are actually issued by the State Liquor Control Commission, but typically considerable weight is given to recommendations from local units of government.

The council gave its approval to an agreement between the Community Redevelopment Authority and the new owners of the former Chaney Furniture Annex building at 1522 Stone Street; Paulo Bruxellas, Vanji L. Bruxellas, and Travis L. Herrick; providing them a Bucket TIF grant of $20,000 to assist them stabilize the south wall of the building damaged when a fire destroyed the Mexican restaurant next door. The funds were captured by the CRA as a result of significant increases in property taxes collected due to real estate improvements made within the city’s Blight and Substandard area and may only be expended for eligible projects within that same area.  The Bruxellas’ and Herrick bought the Chaney annex for $10,000 and intend to invest additional funds to make the building usable for private parties and possibly a wine tasting room. They also own the building immediately north of the Chaney Annex building.

The council approved by a 7-0 vote with one council member absent a contract with Schneider and Associates for engineering and architectural design of Phase 2 of the downtown revitalization project.  Schneider was one of three firms to submit a bid. City administrator Gary Jorn said sidewalk improvements are to be made along Stone Street between 17th and 16th Streets and possibly the 16th and Stone Street intersection similar to those already made between 17th and 18th Street and along 17th between Stone and Harlan.

The council approved the erection of new fencing at a cost of $14,186 at the solid waste facility north of the city. The fence will run along the west end of the property and connect with fencing already in place along the south side of the property. After the Board of Adjustment approved a rear yard variance, the council also approved a previously tabled request for a curb cut for a new driveway at a residence at 2403 McLean St.

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