Richardson County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot

Omaha based TV station KETV is reporting the shooting of a Richardson County Sheriff’s Deputy early this morning. Around 2:45 a.m. a deputy noticed a stopped car on Richardson County Road 717 near U.S. Highway 75. The deputy went to approach the vehicle to offer help to the people inside and that is when several shots were fired from inside the vehicle according to Sheriff Houser.

The vehicle then sped away. The deputy proceeded to chase the vehicle but soon noticed he had been hit in the arm by a bullet. The officer is being treated in Lincoln. No name has been released at this time.

No arrests have been reported at the moment. Residents are being told to be on the look out for a silver or tan Dodge Neon with individuals who are armed and dangerous. Sheriff Randy Houser says to “notify the police” if you come across this vehicle. Suspects are armed and very dangerous.

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