Police Department preparing for influx of tourists ahead of eclipse

By Nikki McKim

Some people have been preparing nearly ten years for the Great American Eclipse, others may wait until the week before to prepare for the show, but local law enforcement has been thinking and preparing for the public’s safety for quite a while now.

With the population of Falls City and several neighboring communities expected to swell, local law enforcement anticipates a busy weekend ahead of the eclipse. The Falls City Police Department plans to have extra officers on duty, and a lot of those officers will specifically be out doing traffic enforcement.

The high volume of people expected to flock to Falls City due to its speculator eclipse viewing location could cause several issues. The Falls City Police Department hopes that working on traffic enforcement will prevent people from breaking traffic laws and in turn keep other drivers and pedestrians out of danger as well.

Prior to the eclipse, starting on August 18, law enforcement will be participating in the “You Drink and Drive, You Lose” campaign. This enforcement campaign will put extra officers on the streets in hopes of deterring drunk drivers. There will be zero tolerance for drunk driving. The Falls City Police Department assured the Journal that they are prepared for the potential of several calls.

They also would like to assure the public that there will be a significant law enforcement presence in Falls City on Monday, Aug. 21. Law enforcement agencies around the United States have announced their plan to step up law enforcement in smaller communities within the prime viewing area.

Other tips to follow: Don’t drive and try to look at the eclipse. Please pull to the shoulder if you plan to watch the event. Be aware of distracted drivers. Keep an eye on others who may not follow the law. Officials are more concerned with driving safety during the eclipse than anything. Be aware of your surroundings; Falls City may be inundated with several strangers from all over. Play it safe and use common sense.

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