Thank you Journal Carriers!

Dear loyal Journal customers,
The Falls City Journal printing schedule beginning next week will be revised slightly and after years of trepidation, the difficult decision has been made to exclusively employ the U.S. Postal Service for home newspaper delivery inside Falls City. It is with profound sadness we are forced to part with our loyal carriers and bring an end to the unique touch of “paperboy” delivery that in the past decade was provided only to in-town Falls City Journal subscribers and no other patrons of weekly newspapers throughout the entire state of Nebraska. For many years, it has not been cost-effective to employ carriers, and finding reliable help in recent years has become increasingly problematic.
The “official” Journal publishing day, therefore, will be Wednesdays, when the USPS completes delivery to mailboxes in Falls City. That said, each publication will still be made available on Tuesday afternoons at The Journal office and at various establishments throughout Falls City, including Sapp ‘Bros,’ Kwik Shop, SunMart and Casey’s General Store.We sincerely thank our customers for their understanding and offer our deepest gratitude to the generations of former carriers who decade after decade served the Journal so earnestly.
The price of subscriptions will not go up and the deadline will remain at noon the Friday before the print date.

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