Swiftest justice

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees individuals to a speedy trial. Though “speedy” is a relative term, nobody could lament the agility of justice’s wheels in a recent Richardson County District Court case open and shut in a matter of minutes.
A 25-year-old Home City, KS, man accused of trying to break into R&D Grocery in Humboldt the night of Nov. 17 was arraigned in Judge Daniel E. Bryan’s courtroom last Tuesday and shortly thereafter was in Lincoln, serving a two-year prison sentence.
Brandon J. Miller promptly pled guilty to felony attempted burglary and requested sentence be handed down immediately. Judge Bryan affirmed his request. Miller received 25 days credit for time previously served and Court costs were waived. He will be eligible for parole on Nov. 17, 2017, on the one-year anniversary of the crime. Upon his release, Miller will be placed on probation for 18 months and forced to pay $390 in probation fees.
An alleged accomplice, Melvin J.D. Campbell, 21, of Pawnee City, has a preliminary hearing scheduled for County Court on Jan. 9. He too faces a felony attempted burglary charge, as well as felony possession of a controlled substance.

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