Development of SCC’s Falls City Learning Center continues

Southeast Community College is committed to a proactive and evidence-based approach that continually assesses and responds to student, community and employer demand for higher education.
SCC developed its 2015-2019 Strategic Plan based on a comprehensive assessment of key external and internal trends throughout its 15-county service area. One of the goals in SCC’s new strategic plan is to “expand accessibility of programs and services for all 15 counties of the College’s service area based on student, employer and community demand.” Six locations were identified based on population, accessibility, connectivity, and geographical spacing. Falls City was one of the selected locations. During the past several months, SCC has worked closely with the Falls City Economic Development and Growth Enterprise (EDGE) group in evaluating potential sites for lease. While the identification of a site continues, SCC has moved forward with programming and logistics.
The following is an update on SCC’s Falls City Learning Center:
 The Trades & Industry Manufacturing advisory group has identified and programmed non-credit classes for high-demand areas.
 An Electrical Fundamentals class was taught in late May.
 Other courses offered include Nebraska Finishing Technologies and OSHA 10, Welding and Electrical Code.
 A task force for health courses has met, and potential credit and non-credit opportunities have been identified.
 A task force for education is being developed.
 A full-time coordinator is expected to be hired in August.
Additional information on the Falls City Learning Center can be found at:
SCC is committed to serving its entire 15-county area and is very excited about the opportunities that will be created with the Falls City Learning Center. Southeast Nebraska has tremendous attributes, including highly productive agriculture, energy generation infrastructure, the state capital, access to outstanding two- and four-year institutions of higher education, and a thriving economy in health services, finance, insurance, construction, manufacturing, and many other industries. SCC is poised to expedite the area’s economic and community development by empowering its employers, students and community members via responsive pathways to career/technical, academic transfer and continuing education programs.
This is a very exciting time for SCC as it establishes a new transformational direction to meet the current and future student, employer, and community needs of southeast Nebraska.

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