FREE Community Clean-Up at Hamilton Recycling & Disposal Center

Community Clean Up, April 15 & 16, 2015!

City of Falls City sponsored (mostly!) FREE        

@  Hamilton’s Recycling & Disposal Center  Friday, April 15: 8am-7PM,

Saturday, April 16: 8am-3PM 6th & Stone

Call for help: Will move heavy items & appliances $10 – $20 from your home or business. Call to arrange an appointment by: 402.801-2241

All metals & trash & large items & recycling: too big for personal trash removal: appliances, furniture, metals, grills, wood, etc.     TIRES: CAR & PICK-UP  $22 lawnmower/atv $1, SEMI $5

 NOW PAPER SHREDDING: $5 or $10 or $50 by quantity                                                 



All items to be CLEAN & SORTED– that is important!   Items accepted:  ALL ELECTRONICS, USED OIL, OIL FILTERS, AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES, glass (all colors), plastics 1s & 2s, cardboard, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, aluminum, tin cans, and scrap metals of all kinds . NOW ACCEPTING  CLEAN CLOTHING  & SHOES  & PURSES !                           Thank you, Carol and RJ!         


TRASH BURNING IS A HEALTH HAZARD! Read about it: it may be making your family & pets sick – be a good neighbor.

Earth Day 46, 2016, “It’s Our Turn to Lead”. What can your family do to help?                                                                 Think about it…

Prescriptions & illegal drugs and paraphernalia: @the Richardson County Courthouse 18th & Harlan ST -Main floor box anytime!                              Sponsored by Sheriff Pounds  AMNESTY!

Other Recycling options:

PLASTIC BAGS: Sun Mart 1900 Harlan ST & Shopko 13 Stone ST inside stores, thank you

USED CELLULAR PHONES: Sacred Heart School,  Verizon Store

METALS: & TIRES($2.50 EACH): Koelzer Salvage 613 West Martin ST, Rulo appliances (all kinds) cars and machinery, cookware, cans

FLAGS & RECHARGABLE BATTERIES: Farm & City Supply 2618 Harlan ST

INKJET & TONER CARTRIDGES: Wolfe’s  Printing & Office Supply 1607 Stone ST, Sacred heart School (+ MP3 players & digital cameras

KILL-A-WATT: Discover how much electricity and money your common household items are using! Watt detectors are available for checkout at the Falls City Library & Arts Center, for more information contact OPPD’s Energy Advisor @

EYEGLASSES:  Dr. McPeak’s office 1823 Chase Street

OTHER IDEAS: Use less water, take reusable bags and backpacks when shopping or going to the library, try to grow some of your own food or shop @ Farmer’s Markets so your food is produced locally, use a travel mug or thermos instead of plastic bottles, turn things off when not in use, walk where you want to go, or ride a bicycle!

No Salvation Army Collection or Goodwill collection this time! Curbside Shopping: Useful items may be put @ the curb with a “free” sign.   It is  called “freecycle”! Or post on Facebook, Craigslist or RC Swap & Talk sites.

Next collection!: 3rd weekend October, 2016! Falls City, Nebraska, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, READ!         

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