Falls City Trap Team

The Falls City Trap Team traveled to Lincoln Saturday for the ‘All Conference’ competition. Conditions were muddy with occasional showers. 

The shooters were “squaded” by their 2015 average and were required to have competed in a minimum of five prior events this spring. 

While all juniors shoot from the 16-yard-line, they are competing against only those with similar averages. 

Meanwhile, the seniors are shooting from their average handicap line for this year against kids with the similar handicaps.  

Falls City’s top shooters from 50 clays at their specific yard line:


16-yd line Garrett Clark, 41

Dylan Frederick, 41

20-yd lineJohn Barnhart, 34

21-yd lineLibby Schawang, 41

22-yd lineLuke Kirkendall, 38

   Clark, with a 45.4 percentage, was First Team All-Conference 5th Post, while Frederick, at 39.4 percent, was Third Team South Division 4th Post.


The FC Trap season comes to an end this weekend at the state meet in Doniphan. Juniors shoot 75 Thursday, April 30, and Seniors shoot 75 Friday from the 16-yard line and another 75 Saturday from their handicap. 


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