Taxable sales up in city, county

According to the report  from the Nebraska Department of Revenue, net taxable sales for Richardson County and Falls City during July increased over those of year ago. However, motor vehicle figures were down slightly.

The figures for Richardson, Nemaha, Pawnee and Johnson Counties follow:

Net taxable sales
    Richardson County 20l3 – $4,022,6l5; 20l2–$3,704,960, up 6%    
     Falls City 20l3 – $3,362,7l8; 20l2–$3,l89,ll6, up 5.4%
    Nemaha County 20l3 – $2,736,463; 20l2 $2,937,889, down 6.9%
    Pawnee County 20l3 – $l,098,292; 20l2 – $93l,l95, up l7.9%
    Johnson County 20l3 – $l,800,65l; 20l2–$l,753,l44, up 2.7%

Motor vehicles
    Richardson County 20l3 –  $l,495,396; 20l2 – $l,528,390, down 2.2%
    Nemaha County 20l3 – $l,646,750; 20l2–$l,l36,333, up 44.9%
    Pawnee County 20l3 – $684,624; 20l2 – $602,348, up l3.76
    Johnson County 20l3 – $894,605; 20l2 – $7l7,607, up 24.7%

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