Early morning chase leads to arrest of Falls City man

A 27-year-old Falls City man was arrested early Saturday morning after he allegedly led a Richardson County Sheriff Deputy on a high-speed chase.

Joshua B. Kaster was arrested and booked into the Richardson County Jail on charges of operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest, 2nd offense DUI and criminal mischief.

Deputy Clinton Stonebarger alleges in an affidavit of probable cause that just before 3 a.m. Saturday morning, he observed a red Dodge flatbed pickup pull onto Harlan St. in Falls City without its headlights on. Stonebarger followed the pickup and attempted to make a traffic stop and the pickup turned west onto 16th Street, then accelerated away from. The vehicle continued west on 16th traveling through stop signs and the eventually onto Appleoff Street, 15th Street and West 14th. Before turning onto West 14th, the pickup allegedly destroyed a closed gate on a private road that leads to West 14th.

Stonebarger continued to follow the vehicle, which then headed west out of Falls City and eventually turned on 650 Avenue, where it remained until crossing Highway 8.

Stonebarger made contact with Kaster, who identified himself after the pickup came to a complete stop. A preliminary breath test was administered at the scene and indicated Kaster had a blood-alcohol level of .202.

The affidavit states that the owner of the gate on the private road indicated they were going to sign a complaint for the damage to their property. 




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