Federal grant awarded to Falls City Airport Authority

The City of Falls City and the Falls City Airport Authority have received notice of an approval of a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to update Brenner Field.

Work to be done at the airport includes widening the runway from the now existing 60 feet to 75 feet, rehabilitating the apron concrete panels, joint sealing the  existing runway where needed, installation of pavement  markings and reflector signs, installation of new runway lights, a new regulator and electric vault work.

Also, the building and tree obstructions will be removed and new fencing will be installed.

Notices for bids are now being advertised with a closing date of June 4, 20l3. Letting of the bids will follow.

It is anticipated that the final work on the runway will be completed this fall.

The airport will be closed when the work begins.

After this project has been completed, work will begin with construction of a new taxi lane on the north and east side of the runway.

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