Falls City Travelers hosting pair of league tournaments

The Falls City Travelers are starting its 17th softball season, and 50 girls are playing in five different age groups.


After 16 seasons, FC Travelers team have posted a total program record of 886-380 losses. “We have a outside chance to make it to 1,000 wins this summer, so it’s a goal to shoot for,” Director Carl Messner said. The program captured 97 victories last summer.

2013 Falls City Travelers Softball

May 16     18U, Plattsmouth @ FC, 6:30 p.m.
May 18     12U @ Humboldt Tournament
May 18-19     14/18U @ Neb. City Tournament
May 23     10/12/14/16/18U @ Auburn, 4 p.m.
May 25-26     14/18U @ Fairbury Tournament
May 28     10/12U, Rock Port @ FC, 5/6 p.m.
May 28     18U, Palmyra @ FC, 7 p.m.
June 1-2     14/18U @ Crete Tournament
June 1-2     12U @ Wymore Tournament
June 4     10/12/14/16U NC @ FC, 5 p.m.
June 6     10U, Auburn White @ FC, 6 p.m.
June 6    12U, NC Rebels @ FC, 7 p.m.
June 6     18U, FC @ Plattsmouth (DH), 6 p.m.
June 8-9     10U @ Wymore Tournament
June 10     10/12/14/16/18U, FC @ Tecumseh, 4 p.m.
June 14-15-16     10/12/14/18U, Class-C Districts @ Tecumseh
June 20     10/12/14/16U, Johnson @ FC, 5 p.m.
June 22-23     10U, League Tournament @ Humboldt
June 22-23     14U, League Tournament @ FC
June 22-23     18U, Lincoln Tournament
June 27     10/12/14/16/18U, FC @ Humboldt
June 28-29-30     Class-D State Tournaments
July 1     10U, FC @ Sabetha (DH), 6-7 p.m.
July 1     12U, FC @ Sabetha, 8 p.m.
July 2     14U, Sabetha @ FC, 6 p.m.
July 2     16/18U, Conestoga @ FC, 7 p.m.
July 6-7     12U, League Tournament @ Neb. City
July 6-7     16U, League Tournament @ FC
July 8     16/18U, Syracuse @ FC, 7 p.m.
July 13-14     18U, League Tournament @ Humboldt
July 19-20-21     Class-C State Tournaments

“With our new complex, we will be hosting the 14-Under and 16-Under League Tournaments in town this summer, as well.

“The most exciting thing with the new complex will be next summer, when we will be hosting the 2014 Class-C 16-Under State Tournament, which will be a three-day event in July. Hopefully it will be a success and we will be given the opportunity to host state tournaments on a regular basis,” Messner said.

The FC Travelers 18-Under team started the season in Seward on April 14, playing three games in a round-robin, going 1-1-1. They then played in Lincoln April 20-21, going 6-0 to win the April Slugfest.

The 18-U open the regular season May 16 in Falls City against Plattsmouth in a doubleheader starting at 6:30 p.m. The 14-Under team played in Lincoln April 20-21, going 1-3 in the April Slugfest.

The rest of the schedule follows (home games bold). For more information, go to fallscitytravelers.com


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