“Go big or go home;” the Golden Swaggers at Jonesbrook go all-out to support Chiefs

By Brian McKim

The residents and staff at Jonesbrook Estates in Falls City have enjoyed the recent run by their favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, they appreciated the Super Bowl champions’ success so much they agreed to do a choreographed “Chiefs Swag Surfin” routine and another to the song “Red Kingdom” by Tech N9ne. 

The seed was planted after a nursing home in Sedalia, Missouri, did something similar, hoping to reach 37,000 likes on Twitter. 

So, a sibling rivalry opened the door for Falls City’s newest sensations to show their enthusiasm for the Chiefs. 

Chiefs fan Kristi Simon, an LPN at Jonesbrook and sister Kelli Dean the Activity Director at Jonesbrook and an equally as passionate Raiders fan, made a bet, which Kelli lost. This lead Dean to take on the task of teaching the residents a dance routine for their favorite team. 

“She’s crazy,” said resident Doris Weaver when asked what she thought when Kelli first approached the group with the idea. 

After many sleep-deprived nights, Dean devised a routine for the group to learn, promising they would not only equal the results of the Missouri Nursing Home, but surpass it. 

“We’re not a nursing home; we’re assisted living; they’re Missouri, we’re Nebraska. We’re going to get 37,001 likes,” Dean told the residents. 

Once Kelli informed the residents of her bet and that they would be part of it, they embraced the challenge. Dean was proud of the residents, saying she received 100 percent participation from the group. 

“She won’t take no for an answer,” said resident Norma Werner. 

Practice for the big day began about one week before the group was filmed completing their routine. Each day, the group worked thirty minutes to an hour as they prepared for their big day. 

Dean started reaching out to people to borrow Chiefs hats and shirts. With everyone dressed in their best red and gold, lights flashing, and pom-poms ready, the group attacked the routine with the vigor of Travis Kelce attacking a defensive back after a catch. The dining room, adorned with Chiefs memorabilia, looked more like the Power and Light District in Kansas City than a dining hall in Falls City, Nebraska. 

“I’m always trying to come up with different ways to get everyone involved,” said Dean. “To get everyone down and get everybody involved in it; I have to give a variety of activities to get everybody involved, to make it fun, loud and onery. They know I’m crazy.” 

The “Jonesbrook Golden Swaggers” hope to catch the attention of the Chiefs and maybe get a shoutout from their favorite Chiefs, which seem to be Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

“The ultimate goal, we always say is, go big or go home,” said Dean. “We want the Chiefs to come here and see us. We want this to go so viral that the Chiefs get it and come down here and give us all autographs.”

Even resident Charlie Radatz, an avid Green Bay Packers fan, stepped up to the plate and donned a Kansas City shirt and cap for the routine. 

Marilyn McKinsey, one of the most passionate Chiefs fans in the group, has her door adorned with a picture of her favorite player, Travis Kelce. 

“The whole team is A1,” said Paul Benitz. 

When the subject of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was brought up, the group unanimously agreed not to discuss it. 

“I never did care for her and really don’t now,” said Doris Weaver. “I never listened to her songs; I just couldn’t get past that red lipstick.” 

The group enjoyed the week leading up to the routine but wasn’t taking credit for any of it. 

“I think it all relates to Kelli,” said Benitz. “She’s done so much for all of us, we couldn’t say no. She does an excellent job.” 

The residents agreed that the routine did wonders for limbering their arms and shoulders. 

“My arms and shoulders, arthritis and stuff, it really helped me,” said Benitz. 

“It gets us out of our room,” said McKinsey. 

When asked for last-minute predictions prior to the Super Bowl outcome, Werner said without hesitation, “Sure, the Chiefs, no doubt—14-0.” 

You can view the routine on the Jonesbrook Facebook page or the Journal Facebook page; be sure to share it with friends and family. 

Since the Chiefs are yet again World Champions, maybe an encore is in order for the Golden Swaggers; stay tuned.

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