Sgt. Franks and Freya hit the ground running

The Richardson County Sheriff’s Office have hit the ground running with their new K9, Freya. Freya and her handler, Sgt. Jeremiah Franks completed a 160-hour training course in Ohio and got their State Certification in Omaha. Franks, who loves dogs, was a K-9 handler before joining the Richardson County Sheriff’s Department. He said he chose to work for Sheriff Hardesty because of the department’s proactive approach. Two-year old Freya, who was imported from overseas, communicates with her partner in a language they both understand. 

Their weeks are jam-packed with intense training and obedience exercises. They’re always striving to improve their skills as a team, training at local schools, fire stations, and businesses. Franks is always looking for new places to train with Freya in narcotics detection and tracking. Since June, Freya and Franks have been working together after Freya completed a year and a half of training overseas. Recently, they had their first successful operation when they assisted a Deputy on a traffic stop in Falls City. Freya’s sharp nose led to the discovery of narcotics, weapons, and other contraband. While at home, the team bonds by using their special commands, running and playing. 

With her keen senses and unwavering loyalty, Freya has quickly become an invaluable asset to the department.

Sergeant Franks said he thinks K9 units are a useful law enforcement tool that the Sheriff’s Office benefit from. 

“They detect odor that an officer can’t. With a K9, it takes drugs out of the community and, with that, the main source of other crimes that come from drugs. The more drugs you can take off the road utilizing the K9, the safer the community will be.” 

Freya is not a pet; she’s a working dog, just like a service animal. When she’s on duty, she’s highly motivated and focused. 

“They don’t come in and lay on the couch,” said Franks. “On duty, they are really motivated; they have a high work ethic. When they are working, they don’t need to be distracted.”

Franks said they always accept donations for ongoing costs with the K9, such as grooming, vet bills, food and training materials. He also said he would like to see more business partnerships. 

“I would love to do a monthly sponsorship where we bring in the K9 and post about their business. It’s an advertisement for them,” said Sgt. Franks.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the ongoing costs for Freya and Valor, you can drop off a check at the Richardson County Sheriff’s Office. Make it out to Richardson County Treasurer with “K9 fund” in the memo. You can also leave a message for Sgt. Franks and Sgt. Ractliffe to explore other possible sponsorships. Your support can make a big difference.

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