High school sports back, but with some stipulations

By Brian McKim

If you have already or plan to attend local high school sports this fall, things will look a little different from what they have in the past.   With the COVID-19 pandemic, both Falls City Sacred Heart and Falls City Public schools have released protocols for fans and athletes attending Falls City events.  These protocols have been put in place to limit the spread of the virus from one community to another.  Adherence to these guidelines can help ensure a safe environment for everyone in attendance.  It is also hoped by social distancing and mask-wearing at significant events, that the fall season can run to completion without interruption.  

At Falls City Sacred Heart games, fans are asked to self-screen before entering Jug Brown Stadium or the Roh Activity Center.  AT the RAC, visiting supporters are asked to park on the south side of the school and enter through the south doors of the RAC.  Irish fans will sit in the north bleachers while visitors will sit on the south side. Irish fans will use the restrooms in the school’s elementary section, while visitors will utilize the RAC restrooms. Masks are REQUIRED, and social distancing is expected.  Family members are encouraged to sit together, and kids are asked to sit with their parents or stay home.  There will be no bands, cheerleaders, and the student sections are required to wear masks.  

At Irish football games, fans are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing.  SH fans will use the west stadium seating, while visitors will walk along the north side of the track to the east side.  Visitors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs as bleacher seating is limited.  Fans are asked to leave after the game and not gathers at the exits.  

The Falls City Public Schools also released their activity protocols this past week.  Fans at all contests are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing.  

At football contests, visitors are asked to enter and go north along the track to the east side.  FC fans will use the south windows of the concession stand while visitors will use the east window.  The visiting fans will also have the use of a porta-potty and the handicap restroom located on the east side of the concession stand.  Fans are encouraged to leave after the contest and not gather at the exits.  

At volleyball games, fans again encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing when they can.  Tiger fans will use the south bleachers and asked to use every other row.  Students are encouraged to sit in the upper bleachers.  There will be no pep bands or cheerleaders allowed.  

At softball games, masks are encouraged, and fans are asked to spread out.  Fans should bring lawn chairs as the city bleachers are off-limits. 

Cross country events will also encourage mask-wearing and social distancing.  Teams will have six feet between them at the starting box, and there will be no individual award ceremonies this year.  

It is asked to keep the events safe for everyone, that fans abide by the guidelines set in place by the host schools. 

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