Commissioners set salaries and elect officers

By: Charlie Radatz

Officers were elected, appointments of officials and committee assignments were approved, and two different schedules for salaries of elected officials were considered during the annual meeting of the Richardson County Board of Commissioners Tuesday, January 9th. Commissioner Jim Davidson made a motion to increase the salaries for the elected officials for the term of office 2019 through 2022 by 2% from that paid in 2018, but his motion died for a lack of a second.

A motion then was made by Commissioner Frank to adopt a resolution to increase 2018 salaries by 2.25% for 2019 and thereafter increase them by an additional 2.25% per year for 2020, 2021 and 2022. That motion was seconded by Sickel and was approved on a 2 to 1 vote with Sickel and Frank voting aye and Davidson voting nay. David Sickel was re-elected board chairman and Jim Davidson was elected vice chairman.

Approval was given to the appointment of commissioners to their various department and committee appointments: Commissioner Frank: County Roads, Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) and 5 Rivers Economic Development District Commissioner Davidson: Courthouse Building and Grounds and Law Enforcement Center, Five Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Committee (RC&D), Region V Systems & Services, member of the Product Development & Public Policy Committee of the Greater Falls City Economic and Development Growth Enterprise (EDGE) and alternate to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Commissioner Sickel: County Roads, Southeast Nebraska Community Action Council (SENCA), alternate to the Five Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Committee (RC&D), The Greater Falls City Economic and Development Growth Enterprise (EDGE), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), Falls City Airport Road Committee and the Southeast Nebraska Health Board.

Appointed county officials whose terms were extended included Steve Darveau, Jr. as the Richardson County Highway Superintendent with an annual salary for 2018 of $48,000.00; Mona Godemann as the Richardson County Veterans Service Officer for 2018 at a salary of $16.73/hour; Brian Kirkendall as the Richardson County Emergency Manager with an annual salary for 2018 of $47,000; J. T. Lyons as the Richardson County Noxious Weed Control Superintendent for 2018 at the salary of $14.15/hour.

Special board appointments approved included those of Dr. Allan W. Tramp to the County Health Board; Rod Nanninga and Ron Eis to the Pawnee Area/Regional Revolving Loan Fund Board/Review Committee; and Kristy Gerweck, Sandra Stalder and Madaline Wilhelm to the Richardson County Visitor’s Committee for a term of 4 years. Rachel Jean, Robert Gulland and Kimberly Riggs were appointed and Mona Godeman and Brian Kirkendall were reappointed to the Grievance Board for the County Road Department for 2018.

A letter from Richard Martin, Visitor’s Committee member was received to notify the County Board that he is resigning from his position on the Committee effective January 1, 2018. The Board will consider an appointment to fill this vacancy at a later meeting. Commissioners approved two land subdivision requests. One was for Jonathon L and Kathryn A Keithley in Section 10, Township 2, Range 16. The other was requested by James R and Elizabeth A Fischer and James C and Jessica F Fischer located in Section 9, Township 1, Range 17.

In other business, Steve Darveau, Jr., Highway Superintendent updated the Board on the routine maintenance being done on county roads and bridges this week. Amanda Young, County Treasurer presented to the Board the Semi-Annual Treasurer’s Report for the period ending, December 31, 2017. It was also reported that correspondence had been received from Pictometry regarding the second phase of their project, but the Board decided to review the request with City of Falls City officials before considering the proposal at next week’s meeting.

The Commissioners approved payment of all claims submitted, a general assistance claim was reviewed in executive session, and meeting as a Board of Equalization, commissioners approved a tax list correction as presented by Assessor Vice.

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