All 664 GFWC Art Contest entries on display until March 18

By Lori Gottula    
    Madison Huppert, a junior at Falls City Sacred Heart, won the Best of Show award at the 66th annual General Federation of Women’s Club’s student art contest with her pencil drawing featuring a woman in 1950s clothing holding a vintage camera.
    “As soon as I saw the camera, I knew I wanted to draw it,” Madison said at the art show opening and reception Wednesday afternoon, held in the Stalder Gallery at the Falls City Library and Arts Center. “I love everything vintage.”
    Madison’s pencil entry was judged the best of all entries in grades K-12 from all four public schools in Falls City, plus Sacred Heart, HTRS, and a few home schools. She also received the Best of Category award in the pencil category. Another entry of hers won first place in the 2D/Mixed Media class. Needless to say, Madison has some mean art skills.
    So do the other Best of Category winners. In the high school competition, they were as follows: Sara Wertenberger, junior, Falls City Sacred Heart, colored pencil; Austin Cochran, senior, FCHS, Drawing/Pen and Ink; Darcy Snethen, senior, FCHS, oil/acrylic; Keith Salimo, senior, Sacred Heart, watercolor/tempera; Leslie Vitosh, junior, FCHS, 2D/Mixed Media; Nora Barker, senior, Sacred Heart, 3D/Mixed Media; Haylee Vice, junior, FCHS, Graphic Design/2DDesign/Computer Generated; and Anthony Froeschl, sophomore, Sacred Heart, print making.
    In the middle school and elementary school competitions, the Best of Category/first place winners were decided by class. They were as follows: Eighth grade, Alyssa Frey, HTRS; Seventh grade, Makayla Mason, FCMS; Sixth grade, Roberto Angel, FCMS; Fifth grade, Kinsey Niedfeldt, South School; Fourth grade, Evan Bailey, Sacred Heart; Third grade, Devon Smith, North School; Second grade, Jessica Sells, North School; First grade, Brandon Feigner, North School; Kindergarten, Abagail Spinner, North School.
    The competition, sponsored by the GFWC and the Arts and Humanities Council of Richardson County drew 664 entries. Rita Seid has organized the competition for the past nine years. When she first took over, the contest was drawing approximately 250 entries per year.
    “The increase in participants is definitely due to technology and the fast pace in which information can be shared,” Rita said. “But it is also due to the fact that the public schools’ board voted last year to hire Chris Bennett as a full-time art teacher for the elementary schools.  The number of entries from that age group has obviously increased, but the quality of entries has improved substantially, as well,” Rita said.  “In addition, how many kindergarteners through sixth graders can see their art work in a real art gallery?”
    Good point. Not many. For that reason alone, this show is worth popping in for. All 664 entries will hang in the Stalder Gallery through March 18 and can be viewed during regular library hours, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Fridays and 9 a.m.-noon Saturdays.
    Rita would like to thank her helpers, June Bowers, Esther Halbert, and Carolyn Kirkendall, as well as the members of Arts and Humanities Council who donated cookies for the reception. She would also like to recognize the businesses and individuals who donated prizes for the winners: American National Bank (Humboldt and Falls City), Stone Street Art, Frontier Bank, Randy and Lori Gottula, Lem’s Northvue Café, Schulenberg Bakery and Sonic Drive-In.
    For more information, contact Rita Seid at (402) 245-7237.
    The rest of the winners are included below. An asterisk denotes entries that qualified for the state contest. Schools are abbreviated as follows: Falls City High School (FCHS), Falls City Middle School, (FCMS), Falls City Sacred Heart (SH), Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer (HTRS), Falls City North School (NS), and Falls City South School (SS). Classes are listed by number: Senior, 12; Junior, 11; sophomore, 10; freshman, 9.
    Pencil drawing: Best of show/best of category, Madison Huppert*, 11, SH; first place, Jocelyn Foster, junior, FCHS; second place, Chloe Schock*, 10, SH; third place, Teresa Morehead, 10, SH. Honorable mentions, Luke Schawang, 9, SH; and Emily Wertenberger, 9, SH.
    Colored pencil/pastels/crayon: Best of category, Sara Wertenberger*, 11, SH; first place, Elizabeth Keithley*, 10, SH; second place, Evi  Schock*, 9, SH; third place, Ali Ivey, 9, FCHS; honorable mention, Peyton Campbell*, 12, FCHS.
    Drawing/pen & ink: Best of category, Austin  Cochran*, 12, FCHS; first place, Austin Cochran, 12, FCHS; second place, Sophia Gilsdorf*, 11, FCHS, third place,  Cydney Forsythe*, 9, FCHS.
    Oil/Acrylic: Best of category: Darcy Snethen*, 12, FCHS; first place, Brett Foster*, 10, FCHS; second place, Aubrey Davis, 10, FCHS; third place, Jensen Coonce, 12, Coonce Home School; honorable mentions, Mary Patnode, 12, FCHS; Heaven Norton*, 11, FCHS; Nora Barker, 12, SH; Drew Bippes, 10, SH; Gretchen Fritz, 10, FCHS.
    Watercolor/Tempera: Best of category: Keith Salimo*, 12, SH; first place, Ciara Catlin*, 10, SH; second place, Jordyn Curtis, 10, FCHS; third place, Molly Brown, 12, FCHS; honorable mentions, Hunter Howard*, 11, HTRS and Chloe Workman, 12, HTRS.
    2D/Mixed Media: Best of category; Leslie Vitosh*, 11, FCHS; first place, Madison Huppert*, 11, SH; Emma Gill, 11, FCHS; third place, Peyton Campbell*, 12, FCHS; honorable mentions, Emily Crouse*, 10, SH; and Haylee Vice, 11, FCHS.
    3D/Mixed Media: Best of category, Nora Barker*, 12, SH; first place, Brady Keller*, 11, SH; second place, Misty Mather, 11, HTRS; third place, William Morehead, 11, SH.
    Graphic design/2D design/computer-generated: Best of category, Haylee Vice*, 11, FCHS; first place, Tayten O’Brien*, 12, FCHS: second place, Halee Roseberry, 12, FCHS; third place, Rylee Scholl*, 11, FCHS; honorable mentions, Morgan Bletscher, 12, FCHS; Kirsten Carter, 12, FCHS; and Izaiah Meyer, 12, FCHS.
    Print-making: Best of category, Anthony Froeschl*, 10, SH; first place, Evi Schock*, 9, SH: second place, Megan Crouse*, 12, SH; third place, Lexi Pokorn, 9, SH; honorable mention, Emily Wertenberger, 9, SH.
    Eighth grade: first place, Alyssa Frey*, HTRS; second place, Sara Mayo, HTRS; third place, Stephen Acton*, FCMS; honorable mentions, Gwen Olberding, FCMS; Michael Wickham, FCMS; Elle Froeschl, SH.
    Seventh grade: first place, Makayla Mason*, FCMS; second place, Carson Simon, FCMS; third place, Courtney McClintock, FCMS; honorable mentions, Jocelyn Ogrady*, FCMS; Dalton Helmick*, FCMS; Lauren Malone*, SH.
    Sixth grade: first place, Roberto Angel*, FCMS; second place, Kala Waggoner, FCMS, third place, Caleb Hamilton, FCMS; honorable mention, Cayleigh Eickhoff, FCMS.
    Fifth grade: first place, Kinsey Niedfeldt*, SS; second place, Hunter Adams, SS; third place, Ava Armbruster, SS; honorable mentions, Cayden Dunkhas, SS; Nevada West, SS; Hannah Berger, SS; Cayden Dunkhas, SS; Madison Dougherty, SH;  James Froeschl, SH; James Froeschl, SH; Ashleigh Kirkendall, SS; Nevada West, SS; Daly Martin, SS.
    Fourth grade: first place, Evan Bailey*, SH; second place, Leo Lendermon, SS; third place, Evan Bailey, SH; honorable mentions, Addison Keller, SH; Jocelyn Olberding, SH; Henry Rottinghaus, SH; Katelynn Titus, SS; Kaleigh Heath, SS.
    Third grade: first place, Devon Smith*, NS; second place, Mason Goltz, SH; third place, Courtney Holliday, NS; honorable mentions, Elizabeth Vice, NS; Ashton Martin, NS; Jayden Forsyth, NS; Ashton Martin, NS.
    Second grade: first place, Jessica Sells*, NS; second place, Jessica Sells, NS; third place, Wyatt Coonce, NS; honorable mentions, Hallie Jones, SH; Tommy West, NS; Gabriella Young, NS; Avery Wendtlandt, NS.
    First grade: first place, Brandon Feigner*, NS; second place, Farrah Wissler, NS; third place, Payton Rose, NS; honorable  mentions, Taytum Maddox, SH; Olivia Mirelez, NS.
    Kindergarten: first place, Abagail Spinner*, NS; second place, Kemper Sipple, SH; third place, Audrey Scrivens, NS: honorable mentions, Rachel Bauman, SH; Reid Kirkendall, SH; Stella Waller, SH; Jaxon Emerson, NS; Brynna Glather, NS; Gracie Gill, NS.

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