Prison guards hospitalized after attack

(Journal File Photo; Rioting prisoners at the state pen in Tecumseh last May killed a pair of fellow inmates and caused some $500,000 in damages. Violence broke out again Monday when four inmates attacked a guard and then two other officers who responded to the incident.)

   Four inmates attacked three staff members at Tecumseh’s State Corrections Institution late Monday afternoon, sending all three employees to Johnson County Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, prison spokesman Andrew Nystrom reported.
    At about 3:50 p.m., apparently during an escort, an inmate from SMU West, maximum-custody general population unit housing 100 prisoners, struck the staff member escorting him and three additional inmates then began assaulting that officer, as well as two others who responded.
    The attackers were quickly restrained by guards. As of early Tuesday morning, names had not been released, but it was reported that the officers suffered only minor injuries, i.e. “bumps and bruises.”
    The unit was placed on lock-down status pending investigation by the Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services.
    Visitors of inmates in SMU West are encouraged to call the facility (402-335-5998) before visiting Wednesday morning. All other housing units and facility operations continue under normal conditions.

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