Everything Breathes-THEir Story So Far

By Jason Schock
The website wikiHow explains how a person should act if by chance they meet their favorite rock star or celebrity.
“If you want to impress your favorite celebrity without sounding like a swooning fan…you have to be cool, calm, collected and interesting in order to make a positive impression on them,” it reads. Suppose you’re none of those things – when you’re by yourself? Forget about being “Besties” with Bono, probably. Sure wish I had read wikiHow before I bumped into Nikki Sixx at a gas station following a Motley Crue concert a few years back. I stared at him for a while and mumbled something about “kicking ass.” Couldn’t have been the “positive impression” wikiHow refers to, because he won’t even accept me as one of his 1,369,936 Facebook friends.
The proper steps to making that lasting impression on Ozzy or Madonna or whoever, according to wikiHow: 1. Dress the part – plan your outfit; 2. Breath in and breath out and think calmly; 3. Smile:) And remember to brush your teeth or chew some gum; 4. Listen closely. And when you speak to them, “don’t be afraid to nerd out about something specific that you love – maybe that one song that didn’t make it onto the album, or your shared love of hairless cats.” (Hairless cats?! Won’t they think I’m weird?)
What a stupid website – avoid it. Just stumbling onto it cost me a couple IQ points.
You want to impress your favorite rock star? Cut a good record. That’s what Chase Thompson and his buddies did – and, viola, now they’re opening for The Story So Far, a pop-punk band they’ve hero-worshipped since junior high.
Thompson, singer/songwriter who cut his first EP in Ohio in May with the help of Citizen’s Mat Kerekes, and fellow FC natives Brent Scott Maze, a senior at UNL, and Vince Dean, a freshman at Nebraska, as well as drummer Evan Fisbeck. The quartet make up Everything Breathes and they’ve taken deep breaths of The Story So Far for years, buying their music and going to their shows, such as those on the Vans’ Warped Tour. Hence Thompson was bowled over when band members contacted Kerekes after listening to the new tracks and requested Thompson, who plays guitar and sings, and company open for them this Thursday at the Bourbon Theatre in downtown Lincoln. Basement and Turnover are also on the bill.
    “Mat called me because their guitarist had sent him a text asking about us,” Thompson said. It’s so insane. This is our first show – what a way to start out!”
Last spring, Dean, Thompson and his family were off to Toledo, OH, for a week to record in Kerekes’ home studio. Thompson had more material than one single, but not enough to create a full-length album, so he made the five-song self-titled EP in Kerekes’ home studio. A music video for the debut single “Crawl” stars Dean and was directed, shot and edited by Maze. It is available on YouTube. Everything Breathes has a Facebook page, as well.
Basically, everything Everything Breathes, at least on this EP, is Thompson.
“I recorded most of it, but Vince plays some leads on the record and he plays the ukulele and also does back up vocals,” Thompson said.
Thompson has played acoustic solo shows under his name, at Lincoln venues like Duffy’s Tavern, which one time hosted a band named Nirvana, but said he’d rather perform with the full band.
Maze and Thompson have been playing music together for many years. Dean joined in four years ago and the boys have been making music ever since. Thompson writes all of the songs and sends them to the other members to listen and see if they like them  
That audience of three is about to get a lot bigger Thursday. Don’t forget to dress the part, fellas.

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