FC kid takes deep breaths, gets personal

By Allie Bierman
By clicking “send” and taking a chance on social media, Chase Thompson, of Falls City, may have changed the path of his future in an instant.   
Thompson, a UNL sophomore-to-be, was scrolling through Twitter when he saw a tweet from Mat Kerekes, a member of the Midwest band “Citizen”. Kerekes was looking for some new music and Thompson had just that – the two were soon exchanging messages via Twitter about their shared passion, music.
Formed in 2009 while its members were still in high school, Citizen released its first feature album in 2013 titled Youth. Late last month came the second full-length album, Everybody is Going to Heave. The album charted at number two on the Billboard Vinyl Albums list.
“I told him I had some music; if he would like to mix and master it-   he said he would,” Thompson said.
“He (Kerekes) thought it was awesome so he recorded it and ever since then we’ve kept in touch.  
So upon the end of the spring semester, Chase and his family, along with band mate and recent FCHS graduate Vince Dean, were off to Toledo, OH, for a week to record in Kerekes’ home studio. Thompson had more material than one single, but not enough to create a full-length album, so he made a five-song EP in Kerekes’ home studio, self-titled Everything Breathes. A music video for the debut single “Crawl” stars Dean and was directed, shot and edited by Falls City native and UNL film student Brent Scott Maze. It was posted to YouTube Monday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRoGCQgeEyk&feature=youtu.be) Everything Breathes has a Facebook page, as well.
Basically, everything Everything Breathes, at least on this EP, is Chase Thompson.
“I recorded most of it, but Vince plays some leads on the record and he plays the ukulele and also does back up vocals,” Thompson said.
A web site is currently in the works – once it’s up, the other four songs on the record will be available.
“We are going to release teasers and eventually release the whole thing for everyone to hear,” Thompson said.
Thompson has played acoustic solo shows under his name, but decided it wasn’t the path he wanted to take. He wanted to have a full band and that’s when Everything Breathes was officially born. In addition to Dean, Maze also joins the ensemble, as does another of Thompson’s college friends.
“We are still looking for a bassist but eventually we’ll find one. I’ll sing and everyone will sing a little bit, but it will mostly be me,” Thompson said.
Maze and Thompson have been playing music together for many years. Dean joined in four years ago and the boys have been making music ever since.
Thompson writes all of the songs and sends them to the other members to listen and see if they like them  
“Everything Breathes plays alternative rock — or just really ‘personal’ rock,” Thompson said.
Eventually the band plans to send its music to other labels and hopefully get picked up. For now, they will just keep playing music with Kerekes and record a full-length record when they get enough songs and enough support.
“It (the music) gives people a look at things that you normally wouldn’t share, but it’s the only way to come to terms with some things,” Thompson said.  
“After my shows in Lincoln, people would come up to me and say that they really related to one of my songs. That’s the coolest thing ever when you kind of help someone for a moment.”
Currently no shows are scheduled, but Thompson and Kerekes have tossed around the idea of an acoustic tour covering the Midwest. If they would get a good turnout, maybe they would tour on the coasts.
The band plans to use its own money to tour but is planning on making the money back during the tour by selling T-shirts and other merchandise. They don’t expect to make a profit just yet, but they are hoping to get their name out there.
For Thompson, this is the dream come true.
“For the kids of Falls City, if music is something you enjoy, or anything in life, just work hard and go for it; there’s no such thing as limits when it comes to doing something special to you or that you’re passionate about. People can’t tell you ‘no’,” he said.
    Jason Schock and Nikki McKim contributed to this report.

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