SADD brings scare tactics to FC High

By Jason Schock

Falls City High School students were either enjoying a serene lunch under the sunny spring sky in Jug Brown Stadium or publicly demonstrating their disapproval of an ousted educator last Tuesday when all hell broke loose in the parking lot. 

Students certainly had something to say to their superiors regarding the dismissal of long-time educator Roger Windle, but were simultaneously the unwitting target audience of an important message themselves, delivered dramatically with shocking visuals. Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD, conducted a mock crash simulation in an effort to illustrate the dangers of impaired driving and drove that message home with chilling detail. Police, fire and rescue, accompanied by wailing sirens, were on the scene as blood-stained driver Libby Bauman was given a sobriety test and hauled away in handcuffs. Injured students Haley Liberty and Chessanie Blakley were the lucky ones, removed from the mangled cars, placed on gurneys and treated in the ambulance. For the not-so fortunate, the coroner was there, black body bags in tow. Luke Gifford was dead, so he couldn’t speak, of course; police had to break the news to his mother, Katy, who would now wait forever for her son to come home. 

SADD, acting in concert with FCHS administrators, faculty, students and parents, the FC Police Dept., the Nebraska State Patrol and the FC Volunteer Ambulance and Fire Squads, combined efforts to create a successful and emotional dramatization of the potential consequences of impaired driving.


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