Thursday house fire electrical in nature

By Jason Schock

A Thursday afternoon house fire at 1215 Stone St. likely started from a duo of excessively stressed power strips leading to a computer, Falls City Fire Chief Ken Simpson reported. 

The fire call from passerby Elaine Craig came in at about 2 p.m. Thursday and firemen were on the scene almost immediately. Simpson praised the efforts of volunteers Jim Liming and Bob Kermeen, who were the first in airpacks and the first to get water on the blaze. 

“Those guys kicked the door open, walked through a ball of fire and put it out,” Simpson said. “It probably only needed 10 gallons of water and they put it out.” 

Adam Matzner, Chief  Investigator of the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office, reported that the home of Charles Edward caught on fire under a computer desk, as two power strip surge protectors were utilized to operate a computer and its accessories. 

A total of 15 Falls City volunteers and 12 rural firemen responded, as did members of the FC Police Dept. and the Richardson County Emergency Management Agency. 

Damage, estimated at $40,000, was limited to the first floor of the residence, but Simpson said smoke damage was extensive throughout the entire two-story home.

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