2014 GFWC/NFWC Art Contest

Photo by Jason Schock.


451 entries from art students from Falls City Public Schools, FC Sacred Heart and Humboldt-TR-S are currently on display in the Stalder Gallery in the Falls City Library & Arts Center as part of the 63rd General Federation of Women’s Clubs/Nebraska Federation of Women’s Clubs Art Contest.

Selected winners of the local contest, which was directed by Rita Seid, will move on to the GFWC/NFWC Art Contest at Omaha’s Marriott Regency April 10-12. The piece at the right was entered by Falls City High senior Emily Wilhide and won Best of Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor/Tempera category. It was one of four Photo by Jason Schock.of Wilhide’s artworks that earned a prize in the contest and two, including the one shown here, are on their way to Omaha. A full listing of the award winners appears on Page 10 in today’s Journal. The GFWC/NFWC art will remain on display in the Stalder Gallery through Friday, Feb. 28.

* denotes state qualifier
Graphic Design/2D Design Computer Generated
Best of – *Haley Workman, junior grade, HTRS; 2nd – *Kathryn Bieker, senior, Sacred Heart; 3rd – *Emily Wilhide, senior, HTRS; HM – Emily Wilhide, senior, FCHS; HM – *Nick Anthony, junior, HTRS.

Best of – *Emily Wilhide, senior, FCHS; 2nd – *Emma Schock, senior, Sacred Heart; 3rd – *Haley Cochran, senior, HTRS; HM – *Abby Gilkerson, sophomore, FCHS; HM – *Haley Cochran, senior, HTRS; HM – Kathryn Bieker, senior, Sacred Heart.

Printing Making
Best of – *Kathryn Bieker, senior, Sacred Heart; 2nd – *Haley Workman, junior, HTRS.

Mixed Media
Best of – *Sam Arnold, junior, Sacred Heart; 2nd – *Abby Neddenriep, junior, Sacred Heart; 3rd – *Karle Embretson, senior, FCHS; HM – *Chance Huppert, senior, FCHS; HM – *Madison Olberding, senior, FCHS.

Colored Pencil/Pencil/Pastels/Crayon/Charcoal Drawing
Best of – *Karle Embretson, senior, FCHS; 2nd – *Anastasia Finner, senior, FCHS; 3rd – *Sawyer Kean, junior, FCHS; HM – *Elizabeth Oliver, junior, FCHS; HM – Krystal Samqua, junior, FCHS; HM – Emily Wilhide, senior, FCHS.

Best of – *Tucker Merz, junior, FCHS; 2nd – *Robert Hall, senior, FCHS; 3rd – *Ashli Jordan, senior, Sacred Heart; HM – *Samantha Harmon, sophomore, FCHS; HM – *Haley Workman, junior, HTRS; HM – Marissa Stark, junior, FCHS; HM – Brenden Heckenlively, junior, FCHS; HM – Brittany Ritter, senior, FCHS; HM – *Maggie Goltz, sophomore, Sacred Heart.

Ninth Grade
Best of – *Emma Beckner, FCHS; 2nd – *Tayten O’Brien, FCHS; 3rd – Noah Keller, Sacred Heart; HM – Patrick Pineda, HTRS; HM – Bailey Armbruster, FCHS; HM – Molly Brown, FCHS; HM – Tayten O’Brien, FCHS; HM – Tayten O’Brien, FCHS.


GFWC/NFWC Best in Show, from left: Karle Embretson, Tucker Merz, Emily Wilhide and Emma Beckner. Photo by Jason Schock.

Eighth Grade
Best of – *Dylan Sutton, FCMS; 2nd – Sara Wertenberger, Sacred Heart; 3rd – Alex Vollan, FCMS; HM – Kayelee Mosiman, FCMS; HM – Ryker Hoy, Sacred Heart; HM – Brady Keller, Sacred Heart.

Seventh Grade
Best of – *Jessica Burns, FCMS; 2nd – Jacob Joy, FCMS; 3rd – Aliesha Walker, HTRS; HM – Easton Vonderschmidt, Sacred Heart; HM – Chaydyn Butler, FCMS.

Sixth Grade
Best of – *Jessa Beckner, FCMS; 2nd – Zoie Barker, FCMS; 3rd – Evi Schock, Sacred Heart; HM – Emily Wertenberger, Sacred Heart.
Fifth Grade
Best of – *Jayden Kreifels, FC South; 2nd – Brock Hogue, FC South; 3rd – Mike Wickham, FC South; HM – Kyle Bauman, Sacred Heart; HM – Dalton Fouraker, Sacred Heart.

Fouth Grade
Best of – *Zachary Keithley, Sacred Heart; 2nd – Hunter Bauman, Sacred Heart; 3rd – Nicholas Keithley, Sacred Heart.

Third Grade
Best of – *Carson Sells, Sacred Heart; 2nd – Norah Koechner, Sacred Heart; 3rd – Mackenzie Dougherty, Sacred Heart; HM – Evan Keithley, Sacred Heart.

Second Grade
Best of – *Nevada West, FC North; 2nd – Leila Frederick, Sacred Heart; 3rd – Ashleigh Kirkendall, FC North; HM – Mikaela Hawley, FC North; HM – Kadyn Strecker, FC North.

First Grade
Best of – *Cole Schawang, Sacred Heart; 2nd – Quincy Koelliker, Sacred Heart; 3rd – Robert Gilkerson, FC North.

Best of – *Daycee Witt, Sacred Heart; 2nd – Brenden Lemerond, Sacred Heart; 3rd – Cole Taft, Sacred Heart.

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