GFWC art contest draws 500 entries

A colored pencil drawing created by Falls City High School junior Karle Embretson emerged victorious as the Best of Show winner in the 62nd annual General Federation of Women’s Club’s district student art contest. The competition and art show, supported by the Richardson County Arts and Humanities Council, drew 500 entries from Falls City Public Schools, Falls City Sacred Heart, HTRS, and Auburn Public Schools. The show will hang through Feb. 28 in the Stalder Art Gallery at the Falls City Library and Arts Center. Patrons can view the artwork during regular library hours.

According to the show’s coordinator, Rita Seid, the quality of the entries this year was exceptional.

“Although we have outstanding pieces every year, we are seeing more variety, and in general, a higher quality of artistic talent,” Rita said. “This year’s entries were just amazing.”

That view was echoed by Falls City artist, Tootie Ebel, who served as one of three judges, along with Pat Steinman and Diana Rieschick.

“We had a difficult time declaring a winner this year,” Tootie said. “There were several pieces that could have won Best In Show, but Karle’s detail, use of color, and the softness of the face in her drawing won us over.”

Several pieces qualified for the state competition, which will be held in Grand Island April 18 – 20, 2013.

Prizes for the district competition were donated by: Lori & Randy Gottula/Sunmart; A & G/Konstantinos; Runza; Schulenberg Bakery; and Lem’s Northvue.  The committee members were: Rita Seid, Chair; Esther Halbert, June Bowers, Liz Huettner, and Christina Wertenberger, Curator of the Stalder Gallery.

The rest of the results in the competition are listed below.  The schools are designated as FCHS (Falls City High School), SH (Falls City Sacred Heart), HTRS (Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer), and AHS (Auburn).  An asterisk signifies state qualifier.

The Best of Category winners were: Ashley  Crawford, 12, FCHS, Graphic Design/2DDesign/Computer Generated; Madison Olberding, 11, FCHS, Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor/Tempera; Rachel Parrish, 11, SH, Mixed Media; Ashley Jordan, 11, SH, Colored Pencil/Pencil/Pastels/Crayon/Charcoal Drawing.

The results of the categories and age divisions were:  Kindergarten: 1st, *Thomas Aitken, SH; 2nd, Patrick Froeschl, SH; 3rd, Jocelyn Olberding, SH.

First grade: 1st, *Joe Simon, SH; 2nd, Ayden Moon, SH; 3rd, Madison Dougherty, SH.  Second grade: 1st, *Joe Vrtiska, FC North; 2nd, Grace Malcolm, SH; 3rd, Jessican Wertenberger, SH; Third grade: 1st, *Tyler Catlin, SH; 2nd, Lauren Malone, SH; 3rd, Brogan Nachtigal, SH.  Fourth grade: 1st, *Blake Dougherty, SH; Dalton Fouraker, SH; Kyle Bauman, SH.  Fifth grade: 1st, *Trey Gilkerson, South; 2nd, Claire Niemeyer, SH; 3rd, Jack Findlay, South; Honorable Mention, Lexi Pokorny, SH; HM, Trey Gilkerson, South.  Sixth grade: 1st, *Randee Witt, SH; 2nd, Stephen Epperson, FCMS; 3rd, Teresa Morehead, SH; HM, Jordon Curtis, FCMS; HM, Keegan Hunzeker, FCMS.
Seventh grade: 1st, *Regan Deckinger, FCMS; 2nd, Zech Petry, FCMS; 3rd, Haylee Vice, FCMS; HM, Miranda Raithel, SH; HM, Abby Fiegener, SH.  Eighth grade: 1st, *Logan Mattan, SH; 2nd, Nathan Popejoy, FCMS; 3rd, Keith Salimo, SH; HM, Bryant Jorn, SH; HM, Jordan Ogden, FCMS.  Ninth grade: 1st, *Maggie Goltz, SH; 2nd, Henry  Arnold, SH; John Bauman, SH; HM, Abby Gilkerson, FCHS; HM, Zach Ballman, FCHS, HM, Carley Youde, FCHS.               
Colored Pencil/Pencil/Pastels/Crayon/Charcoal Drawing: Best of Show, *Karle Embretson, 11, FCHS; Best of category, *Ashli Jordan, 11, SH; 1st, Anastasia Finner, 11, FCHS; 2nd, Yianni Haralabidis, 11, SH; 3rd, Karle Embretson, 11, FCHS; HM, Karle Embretson, FCHS; HM, *Preston Deckinger, 10, FCHS; HM, Robert Hall, 11, FCHS; HM, Emily Wilhide, 11, FCHS; *Desiree Herling, 11, FCHS; HM, Sean Strasheim, 11, SH; HM, Emily Wilhide, 11, FCHS; HM, Madison Olberding, 11, FCHS; HM, Amie Wiltse, 12, FCHS.  Mixed Media; Best of Category, *Rachel Parrish, 11, SH; 1st, *Courtney Chapple, 12, FCHS; 2nd, Ashli Jordan, 11, SH; 3rd, Janey Malcolm, 12, SH; HM, Courtney Chapple, 12, FCHS; HM, Eli Ramer, 11, SH; HM, Jesse Malik, HTRS.

Print Making: 1st, *Tucker Merz, 10, FCHS; 2nd, *Sarah Lane, 12, AHS; 3rd, Lane Lovenburg, 10, FCHS.  Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor/Tempera: Best of Category, *Madison Olberding, 11, FCHS; 1st, *Courtney Chapple, 12, FCHS; 2nd, *Preston Deckinger, 10, FCHS; HM, Vincent Bennett, 12, FCHS; HM, Austin Schaible, 12, FCHS.

Graphic Design/2D Design/Computer Generated: Best of category, *Ashley Crawford, 12,  FCHS; 1st, *Brittney DeWald, 12, FCHS; 2nd, Rachel Aitken, 12, SH; 3rd, Brittney DeWald, 12, FCHS; HM, *Della Peek, 11, FCHS; HM, Colton Witt, 12, SH.

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