Clark, Chab lead shooters at State Contest

By Cheri Ernst

More than 2,000 shooters competed at the home grounds of the Nebraska Trapshooting Association (NTA) in Doniphan for the National Invite April 30 through May 2.  

The competition consisted of individual and team divisions. The weather for the weekend promised and delivered perfect shooting conditions. The Falls City Trap Team had eight juniors shooting on Thursday, April 30, 100 targets from the 16 yard line. We had one full team of five, and three shooting as individuals.  

Below are the totals for our juniors competing:


Garrett Clark96

Trey Gilkerson80

Jake Joy86

Hannah Kirkendall65

Dylan Frederick86

Team total413


Braydon Frederick58

Emily Ernst56

Jack Findlay80


For the juniors, Garrett’s 96 listed from above brought him home a medal for placing 8thout of 961 shooters! Also to be recognized is Dylan Frederick for shooting a straight 25/25.

On Friday all high schoolers  shot 75 targets from the 16 yard line and returned on Saturday to shoot another 75 targets from their handicap lines.



T. DeBusk712463134

D. Eickhoff662258124

L. Kirkendall732456129

Ryan Chab752559134

J. Frederick682347115

Team total353636


Justin Ernst632156119

John Barnhart622153115

James Barnhart38185593

Libby Schawang622166128

Melanie Wilson50184494

Team total275549


Ryan Chab brought home a medal for placing 11thout of 1,585 shooters! To earn this placement, he shot 75 straight followed by another 22/25 in a shoot off. Also to be recognized on the senior team is Lucas Kirkendall, for shooting a straight 50 out of 50 and Libby Schawang for shooting  a straight 25.

Doniphan brings an end to the 2015 trap season and a lot of changes for next year. It will be a great loss to lose our eight seniors due to graduation, some of these shooters they have coached since 6thgrade. But looking into next year, we currently will have four of our juniors moving up to the high school squads, which is also looking promising.  

As Head Coach Dennis Chandler walks off the trap field late Saturday evening, he is  feeling very proud of how all the kids did this year.

Tigers runner-up to Auburn at FCHS Invite

Falls City Invitational

April 27, 2015



1. Auburn Bulldogs153

2. Falls City High School148

3. Johnson Co. Central112

4. Southern Raiders38

5. Horton High School28

6. Nebraska City Pioneers19



1. Auburn Bulldogs170

2. Johnson Co. Central146

3. Falls City High School108

4. Southern Raiders34

5. Nebraska City Pioneers29

6. Horton High School29


Falls City High School guys scored an outstanding 148 points, yet somehow still finished runner-up to Auburn by a measly five, at the Tiger Invite last Tuesday at Jug Brown Stadium. JCC scored 112 for third place, leaving Southern (38), Horton, KS (28) and NE City High (19) a separate lower tier altogether. 

FCHS dominated the relays with 26 total points — winning the 400 and 3200 and finishing third in the mile relay — as well as the jumps, with Lee Huettner winning long jump (21-4) and triple jump (43-4) and Zach Jordening going 6-2 for first in the high jump. 

In all, the Tigers amassed 25 medals on their home turf. 

The Lady Tigers also had a strong day, eclipsing the century mark with 108 points. Auburn, led by former Tigers Maggie and Meg Rieschick and area native Taylor Petersen (father, Steve, taught and coached at SE Consolidated), scored 170 to beat runner-up Johnson CC, which scored 146. The other three teams - Southern, NE City High and Horton, KS, combined for 92. 

Maggie Rieschick won both hurdle events, Meg was runner-up in both the 100 and 200, and Petersen won the 800 and high jump. They then comprised three-fourths (with Theresa Nichols) to win the finale: the 1600, running it in 4:24.53 — a 25 seconds ahead of runner-up Falls City (Taylor O’Brien, Cheyenne Dovel, Kirsten Carter and Tavia Bruxellas). 

Junior Lainey Larsen carried the torch for the FC girls, winning the 1600 (6:10.04) and finishing runner-up in the two-mile (13:09.73). She was the Lady Tigers’ lone gold medalist, however, there were several second- (400-meter relay - Anthony, Samqua, Armbruster, Frederick; O’Brien, in the 400) and third- (Bierman, 1600; Webster, discus; Dovel, 400; Poppe, 800) and fourth-place (Frederick, 100; Armbruster, both hurdle events; Webster, shot) medalists.

The Tigers, as well as Auburn, compete at the Class B-2 District Meet Thursday, May 14 at Concordia University at Seward. State is May 22-23 at Omaha’s Burke Stadium.



100 - 3. Huettner, FC, 11.63; also: 5. Z. Jordening, FC, 11.673; 6. Heckenlively, FC, 11.70.

110 Hurdles - 2. L. Kirkendall, FC, 18.18.

1600 - 4. Gibson, FC, 5:11.17.

300 Hurdles - 2. L. Kirkendall, FC, 49.88; also: Hogue, FC, 50.67.

3200 - 2. Baker, FC, 11:51.88.

3200 Relay - 1. FC (Gibson, Baker, Eickhoff, Campbell), 9:31.70.

400 Relay - 1. FC (Huettner, Heckenlively, Stoller, Jordening), 45.51.

Discus - 3. Merz, FC, 123’09; also: 5. Bauman, FC, 111’11.

Shot Put - 6. Bauman, FC, 41’09.

High Jump - 1. Jordening, FC, 6’2; also: 3. Hogue, FC, 5’02; 4. Baker, FC, N/A.

Pole Vault - 3. Ernst, FC, 10’00.

Long Jump - 1. Huettner, FC, 21’04; also: 3. Z. Heckenlively, FC, 19’02.75.

Triple Jump - 1. Huettner, FC, 43’04.00”; also: 4. Eickhoff, FC, 35’10.01”; 5. Dean, FC, 35’10.00”.

400 - 3. Ernst, FC, 58.47.

200 - 2. Stoller, FC, 24.09.

1600 Relay - 3. FC (Ernst, Dean, Kirkendall, Eickhoff), 4:05.18.


100 - 4. Frederick, FC, 13.58.

100 Hurdles - 4. Syd Armbruster, FC, 18.90; also: 6. Roberts, FC, 20.53.

1600 - 1. Larsen, FC, 6:10.04; also:  3. Bierman, FC, 6:48.85; Gilsdorf, FC, 7:38.56.

300 Hurdles - 4. Armbruster, FC, 54.78.

3200 - 2. Larsen, FC, 13:09.73; also: 5. Patnode, FC, 15:39.00.

400 Relay - 2. FC (Anthony, Samqua, Armbruster, Frederick), 57.33.

Discus - 3. Webster, FC, 79’08.00”.

Shot Put - 4. Webster, FC, 27’04.50”; also: 5. Findlay, FC, 27’03.75”.

400 - 2. O’Brien, FC, 1:09.78; also: 3. Dovel, FC, 1:10.90; 4. Carter, FC, 1:11.91.

800 - 3. Poppe, FC, 2:52.63; also: Romine, FC, 2:57.87.

200 - 6. Frederick, FC, 29.28.

1600 Relay - 2. FC (O’Brien, Dovel, Carter, Bruxellas), 4:48.21.


Falls City Trap Team

The Falls City Trap Team traveled to Lincoln Saturday for the ‘All Conference’ competition. Conditions were muddy with occasional showers. 

The shooters were “squaded” by their 2015 average and were required to have competed in a minimum of five prior events this spring. 

While all juniors shoot from the 16-yard-line, they are competing against only those with similar averages. 

Meanwhile, the seniors are shooting from their average handicap line for this year against kids with the similar handicaps.  

Falls City’s top shooters from 50 clays at their specific yard line:


16-yd line Garrett Clark, 41

Dylan Frederick, 41

20-yd lineJohn Barnhart, 34

21-yd lineLibby Schawang, 41

22-yd lineLuke Kirkendall, 38

   Clark, with a 45.4 percentage, was First Team All-Conference 5th Post, while Frederick, at 39.4 percent, was Third Team South Division 4th Post.


The FC Trap season comes to an end this weekend at the state meet in Doniphan. Juniors shoot 75 Thursday, April 30, and Seniors shoot 75 Friday from the 16-yard line and another 75 Saturday from their handicap. 


Dr. Justin Westengaard to practice at Family Medicine Clinic in 2016

During the Community Medical Center annual public information meeting earlier this month, Hopstial CEO Ryan Larsen announced that in Dr. Justin Westengaard will begin his practice at Family Medicine Clinic in Falls City. The recently graduated doc has signed a contract and will join the local practice in about a year. 

Interestingly, Westengaard was just last week the central character of aOmaha World-Herald column penned by award-winning columnist Matthew Hansen, who refreshingly and with great success introduced sensible thought to the insanity of the ACT. More to the point, not the insanity of the test itself, but the perception of it. The reality is that not only is the ACT (or SAT) a poor predictor of a high school kid’s future success in college or life, Hansen writes, but even the widely accepted notion that elite colleges care about ACT performance is largely untrue. 

He uses Dr. Westengaard, a fellow native of Red Cloud, as a shining example. Westengaard scored 23 on his ACT (lower, actually, a decimal point or two than the state average), graduated from Hastings College in 2000 with a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, joined the workforce for a until 2006, went back to college for pre-med at Kearney, and “tackled chemistry and biochemistry” before graduating in 2009. At UNMC, he “lived and breathed MCAT preparations for a year, studying flash cards and listening to an audio prep course as he jogged around midtown Omaha,” Hansen writes. 

Westengaard scored a solid 30 out of 45 on the MCAT and is currently in his final year of residency at a family medical clinic at Kearney before starting his position in Falls City. 

If the ACT didn’t predict success for Justin Westengaard, Matthew Hansen most definitely did. 

  “He could read people and understand situations quickly,” Hansen writes. “He could identify your strong spot and offer a quick insight. He could probe your soft spot and exploit it with a punch line.

  “In short, he had serious interpersonal skills.”

  Westengaard is married and he and his wife, Holly, a Kenesaw native, have two young children. 

Larsen also announced that Rheumatologist Dr. Alan Erickson, of Omaha, has joined the hospital’s specialty clinic, and will be in Falls City the fourth Monday of each month. 

Further, the CMC Board of Directors is entertaining the prospect of adding surgical space to the facility, which was completed in 2009. Larsen said the current surgery suite isn’t large enough to accomodate the number of procedures being performed at the hosptial, so a review with architects is underway. A bigger surgical area would also allow for more than one surgeon to work on any given day.

For more on Community Medical Center visit or

2014-15 NSAA Academic All-State Awards

The NSAA has announced the student recipients of the Winter 2015 Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association Academic All-State Awards. 

Each year the NSAA and the NCPA recognize students during fall, winter and spring seasons who are nominated by their schools for their individual academic excellence, leadership and significant contributions in their NSAA activity. Every student who meets the criteria for nomination by their school will be recognized and awarded a certificate of achievement.

The following leadership and scholarship guidelines apply: 

—A nominated student must be a varsity player or organizational leader who has played a significant role on the team or in the activity during the seasons for which nominations are accepted;

—Student must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average, in all curricular subjects, of 93 percent or 3.7 on a 4.0-point scale;

—Schools may nominate a maximum of two students per NSAA activity program.

—Students in grades 9-12 may be nominated for this award. 

Local Academic All-Staters for the 2014-15 winter season:

Falls City High School

Boys Basketball: Weston Witt 

Girls Basketball: Sydney Armbruster, Baylee Vrtiska

Speech: Zachary Petry, Darcy Snethen 

Wrestling: Justin Ernst

Falls City Sacred Heart 

Boys Basketball: Sawyer Kean, Austin Malone 

Girls Basketball: Maggie Goltz, Abby Magdanz 

Speech: Ben Mullins, Abbey Neddenriep 


Boys Basketball: Nolan Schafer, Noah Sherman 

Girls Basketball: Jackalyn Fink, Ashton Nanninga 

Speech: Carissa Carlin, Elliot Gonnella 

Wrestling: Ben Railsbac