Walk Don't Run 6/9/15

By: Nikki McKim
A few days ago a friend of mine shot me a text razzing me about my column. She said, “You know, your column is like one of those old 90’s sitcoms where every problem is wrapped up beautifully in a shiny bow in only few short minutes.” I laughed because it is kind of true.
When I sit down to type I often think about what’s weighing on me at the moment-as we all do. Most of the time I will share that and through writing it down and really thinking about it, I come up with some sort of solution or break through thought. It’s the same thought every time. Things aren’t as bad as they seem in my mind. I can find light at the end of the tunnel, most of the time.
In reality my home is very much like an old 90’s sitcom. You have the dad who works the good blue-collar job with a sense of humor that is sometimes so cheesy you think he fell right out of an episode of “Full House” or “Saved By The Bell.” He is always singing and smiling and rarely gets upset. We have the adorable, smart mouth son who knows more about the world than he should. He has eyelashes that go on for days and he often puts his two goof ball parents in their place leading to hilarious consequences. There are three dogs that often do things that leave us laughing. While they are no Comet from “Full House”, they’re funny, cute and a big part of the family.
Then there is me, I’m not very sitcom like. I don’t often cook and if I do I don’t wear an apron and I grumble about it. I complain constantly, sleep off migraines and dress comfortably which means I’m going to be found in a T-shirt and boxers. I’m kind of a mess, so I feel as though I have more of a reality show type personality, and let’s be honest, we’re all sick of reality television.
Everyone has their problems that don’t get wrapped up beautifully in a few paragraphs. But who wants to read about that?
Nobody wants to hear that Brian and I fully believe we are a jinx on our beloved Kansas City Royals. We have attended four games, 36 innings and witnessed 3 runs scored by the home team-which means we have been there for, four home losses and zero wins this year.  There is no way to sugar coat that. I can’t fix a team that is in a terrible slump that happens to coincide with when the McKim family attends their games. I could laugh it off but I don’t find it funny, yet.
Sometimes or most of the time I feel like a really crappy mom. I feel like I don’t spend enough time outside playing with my son or that I am less than because I don’t want to watch him play a video game for 20 minutes. I can spend all the time in the world with him but I will still sit up on Friday nights crying because I feel like I don’t live up to what a great mom should be. There is no easy fix for that, no pretty wrapping paper or bow for that problem.
It’s easy to share the lighter life problems that can be figured out in a short amount of time. I always try to find a solution or light at the end of the tunnel. I work very hard to find that happy place when one of life’s little problems finds me.  You see I’m not a glass half full person. Which leads to struggles of finding the good in things that bother me. I often use humor to get through and for me it works. One of my life’s bigger problems was the fact that I will only be blessed with one child. I presented my case here in a column a few years ago and through sharing and humor I was able to find the light and realize that it wasn’t a problem it was just a life hiccup that I didn’t anticipate facing.
There are bigger problems that I sometimes don’t share because in the grand scheme of things, they’re not big problems. Most of the time they are issues I conjure up in my mind. I have faced very few life changing problems in my adult life but I know bigger issues are coming and they will hit me like a ton of bricks. If I ever face a problem that’s far bigger than I can handle or imagine, I will reach out for help to find that light at the end of the tunnel. I know there are readers who have been hit in the face by life. Readers who have real problems. I hope to bring them something light and fun to read. Maybe if for only a few moments they will forget about what life has handed them. The way I see it we all need a happy ending. This is why I lose myself in Classic film comedies and writing. Cary Grant gets the girl, Katharine Hepburn realizes it’s not too late to be with the man she truly loves; flaws and all and Harold Lloyd or Charlie Chaplin, well they save the day and get the girl. Why? Because in this world today, I need that happy ending.
Life is hard so enjoy the happy endings and find the humor. I will try to bring you that as often as I can. I will try to see the glass half full and bring problems with solutions wrapped in a pretty bow just like they did way back when on TV.
Because we all love a happy ending.